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StriveHub is the all-in-one Customer Relationship Management software built for Health and Wellness.

How It Works

The Platform

Modern Email Marketing

Ditch the ineffective newsletter. Email Marketing with StriveHub helps practices leverage their current customers to grow their business. Send targeted content with simple segmentation, automate delivery around key points in the care process, and track the results in real time.

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Simple Integration

We integrate with all major billing and documentation platforms. Just export your customer list and import it into StriveHub. We'll update patient information automatically to make sure your data stays in sync.

Smarter Segmentation

Use the data you are already collecting to group customers by age, diagnosis, body part, and a host of other contact properties to increase the impact of your marketing efforts.

Engaging Content

StriveHub makes sending engaging content simple. Beautiful, branded email and blog post templates ensure your content looks amazing. Don't have time to create content? We've got you covered there too. We provide our customers with a monthly listing of the best content for each industry, and we make it simple to aggregate content from anywhere on the web.

Automate Outreach

With StriveHub, we make it simple to send welcome messages, check-ins, surveys, and targeted content to your clients at certain points in the care process, automatically, leaving you more time to do what you do best: run your business.

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Scheduled Messages

Set up the first 10 weeks of communication with your customers, keep them retained in your system by sending targeted content and informing them of new events and promotions.

Evangelize Your Customers

Automate the delivery of simple satisfaction surveys at strategic points in the care process to keep a pulse on your client's happiness and Identify your most satisfied customers.

Power Word-of-Mouth Growth

Delight your customer evangelists by sending them special deals and engaging content. Repeatedly pinpoint your most satisfied customers and make it easy for them to tell their friends and family how awesome you are.

Understand the Patient Experience

Understanding your customers’ perception of their care is fundamental to delivering an excellent experience. With StriveHub’s Net Promoter Dashboard, clinics can easily analyze their patients' satisfaction surveys, track trends, and implement changes to manage customer retention and drive business growth.

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The Customer Experience, Quantified

Easily view NPS Scores for each of your therapists. Filter by primary injury type and/or clinic location to identify trends over time.

Track Custom Trends

Create & monitor custom trends to understand how your front desk staff, clinic cleanliness, or other aspects of care affect the patient experience.

Turn Unhappy Customers into Evangelists

Automatic alerts inform you immediately of unsatisfied patients who are at risk of dropping out of care and provide you with the details you need to create a plan that resolves the issue.

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Patient Portal

Monitor patient engagement in real time to ensure your clients remain engaged in their care. Designed specifically for health and wellness, the StriveHub Portal offers clients personalized access to custom designed exercise routines, secure messaging, and workout tracking features that have been shown to effectively keep patients engaged in the care process.

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Stay in the Loop

Receive updates when your customers view their exercise videos, log an activity, or when they have a question related to their recovery.

Real-Time Feedback

With a click of a button, your clients can let you know if an exercise is too easy or too difficult, so you can easily make necessary changes between visits.

Unprecented Engagement

By providing your customers with tools and technology that they actually want to utilize to keep them engaged in care, the StriveHub Portal consistently achieves patient engagement rates of over 50%, 10x higher than the current Medicare Meaningful Use guidelines.

StriveHub Portal - Patient portal software for healthcare and wellness

Prescribe Exercise

Use our ever-expanding library of over 800 exercises to quickly create the highest quality home exercise instruction. And with a tight integration with StriveHub Portal, your patients can view HD videos of their routine on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

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Lightning Fast

Smarter search capabilities make it easy to create a custom home exercise program in 2 minutes or less. Search by keyword, bodypart, or even by diagnosis. Want to know what other users are prescribing? Check out exercises that are frequently used with the one you are currently prescribing.

Easily Customizable

Have a different name for an exercise? Simple change it for your clinic. Have an exercise we’re missing? Easily upload it to the system for future use.

Manage Musculoskeletal Disease

Created by two Physical Therapists, the StriveHub Platform was designed specifically for providers dealing with the most common health condition in the United States: Musculoskeletal Disease.

By the Numbers:

  • 80

    People Affected Annually

  • $

    Total Annual Cost

  • 80

    Missed Work Days

  • 30

    Total Doctors Visits

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