Patient Relationship Management Software for Chiropractors

Boost patient retention and increase word-of-mouth referrals to grow your community footprint

How It Works

Patient Relationship Management

with strivehub
Surpass Expectations
The only way to provide good care is to first provide a great experience. Leverage technology to help strengthen the patient-provider relationship, ensuring a superior experience.
Engage Effectively
Engagement is a two-way street. To provide an engaging experience for patients you must first be engaging as a care provider. Break down barriers to communication and be your patient’s biggest advocate.
Manage Retention
Keep patients coming back with effective retention strategies. Use Proactive Engagement monitoring to track unengaged customers, and automate the follow-up process to always stay top of mind.
Capture Referrals
Use your most satisfied patients to drive new referrals. Improve your marketing effectiveness by letting your most satisfied patients do the talking for you. Then capture new leads as they come in.
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The Platform

Email Marketing for Healthcare

Running the clinical end of your practice makes it difficult to focus on growth and retention strategies. StriveHub Reach allows you to put your patient outreach and marketing efforts on autopilot while still delivering high quality content that resonates with your customers.

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Smarter Segmentation

Get more customers to engage with your offerings by making sure they only receive the most relevant information. Use the data you are already collecting to group customers by age, diagnosis, body part, and even patient satisfaction score.

Engaging Content

Content can be time-consuming and difficult to create, but it doesn’t need to be. We’ve got you covered with fresh StriveHub blog posts monthly and the ability to create and send out your own custom blog posts in seconds.

StriveHub Reach Segmentation - Marketiing software for healthcare and wellness

Put Outreach on Autopilot

Send welcome messages, check-ins, surveys, and targeted content to patients at certain points in the care process, automatically.

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Scheduled Messages

First impressions are everything. Set up the first 10 weeks of communication with your customers, keep them retained in your system by informing them of alternative service lines and classes, while making it easy for them to sign up.

Find Loyal Customers

Automate the delivery of the simple satisfaction scores at strategic points to monitor satisfaction throughout care.

Power Word-of-Mouth Growth

Repeatedly pinpoint your customer evangelists, and make it easy for them to tell their friends and family how awesome you are. And when they do, be prepared capture new customers in real time to drive business growth.

StriveHub Reach Workflows - Marketiing software for healthcare and wellness

Patient Portal

Provide your patients access to their exercise routine and an easy connection to your clinic when they are at home with a custom-branded patient portal.

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Real-Time Feedback

With a click of a button, your clients can let you know if an exercise is too easy or too difficult, so you can easily make necessary changes between visits.

Unparalleled Access

The StriveHub Portal is custom-branded for you clinic, and accessible by mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Secure Messaging

With our fully HIPAA-compliant Communication Center, you can provide your customers with unparalleled access; allowing them to reach out to you with questions, securely.

StriveHub Portal - Patient portal software for healthcare and wellness

Prescribe Exercise

Use our ever-expanding library of over 800 exercises to create high quality exercise programs in under 2 minutes. easily upload your own exercises.

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Facilitate Engagement

Your client’s exercise routine is always one click away with automatic email notifications whenever a routine is created or updated. And if you’re a traditionalist, we’ve got you covered with custom-branded exercise handouts.

Monitor Pain

In many cases, pain is a major part of patient's recovery. Track a patient's pain in real time to better demonstrate improvements with care.


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