StriveHub Portal

The online portal to track client engagement and keep customers coming back

How It Works

The Platform

Build Connections

Getting your customers to engage outside of their appointments is the key to keeping them coming back. The StriveHub Portal is the bridge between your office and the patient's home, providing your customers with the tools and access they need to stay on track.

Accessible from Anywhere

If your patients have access to the internet, they’ve got access to the Portal; available at any time via smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Maintain Your Brand

Every page of the portal is custom-branded with your company’s logo displayed front and center, allowing you to keep your unique identity consistent across multiple channels.

Secure Communication

Send and receive messages from your patients securely from within our fully HIPAA compliant framework.

Real-Time Feedback

With the click of a button, your clients can let you know if an exercise is too easy or too difficult, allowing you to easily make necessary changes between visits.

Understand Engagement

Take the guess work out of customer engagement. Receive updates every time your clients view an exercise, log an activity, or send you a message

Retain Patients

Use deeper engagement insights to keep clients coming back. Identify customers more likely to churn early due to subpar engagement, and respond to problems faster to prevent a lost customer.

Superior Performance

Customers currently using the StriveHub Portal see between 5x-10x the engagement rate of traditional patient portals.

Always Evolving

We based StriveHub on the best available research for impacting behavioral change. We're consistently analyzing and improving these resources to ensure we maximize patient engagement.

HD Exercise Videos

Your patient’s exercise program is embedded directly in the Portal, complete with high definition video demonstrations of each exercise.

Improve Compliance

Video-based instruction has been shown to improve motivation, decrease errors, and increase compliance with home exercise when compared to paper handouts.


"Traditionally, there seems to be a door that closes every time a patient leaves the facility. Utilizing the StriveHub Portal keeps the door open. It provides access and a steady stream of communication that couldn’t exist without it."

Holly Fitzgerald - Owner, Fitzgerald Physical Therapy
Holly Fitzgerald, PT, MSPT, OCS, Cert. MDT
Owner, Fitzgerald Physical Therapy Associates

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  • The StriveHub Support Team
  • The StriveHub Support Team
  • The StriveHub Support Team
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