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Delight your patients with HD care plans, created in 2 minutes or less.

How It Works


A Modern Care Plan

Quickly create high quality exercise programs that delight your customers and keep them engaged with their care. Plus, by providing a tight integration with StriveHub Portal, your patients can view HD videos of their routine on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

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Built for Progression

Prescribe was designed with progression in mind. Setup a client's program from beginning to end, and receive remainders when it's time to progress them to the next step.

Extensive Exercise Library

Use our ever-expanding library of over 1000 HD videos to provide the highest quality exercise instruction. And with specialty exercise catalogs such as Yoga, Pilates, and Plyometrics, we’ve got everyone covered.

Missing Something? Add Your Own Exercises

If you have a variation on one of our exercises, or if you want to add something completely new, we make it simple for you to upload your own exercises into the database.

Search Smarter

Smarter search capabilities make it easy to create a custom home exercise program in 2 minutes or less. Search by keyword, body part, or even by diagnosis to find exercises in no time.

Data Driven

Intelligent algorithms make finding exercises even simpler. Quickly see what exercise is frequently prescribed with the one you are currently viewing. Or browse exercises commonly prescribed for a given condition at your facility, or across all Prescribe users.

Fully Customizable

Permanently alter the name or description of any exercise to make it easier to find in the future. Set frequency information by exercise type to avoid having to re-enter it every time.

Manage Client Recovery

View your customer's history including workout activity, past exercise routines, and pain scores over time to keep tabs on progress.

Progress Patients Easily

Rather than create a new routine from scratch every time you want to update a patient's HEP, Prescribe makes it simple to add or subtract exercises in a few quick clicks.

Always Up to Date

Every time an exercise routine is created or updated your clients receive their custom exercise program right in their inbox.

Easy for All Ages

Because we know some customers aren't comfortable accessing their exercise program over the Internet, we always make it easy to generate a paper copy for quick reference.


"I love it! It makes my job easier, and makes the client take ownership in the rehab process."

Sara St. Gelais - Clinic Supervisor, the RehabGYM
Sara St. Gelais, PT, DPT, ATC
Clinic Supervisor, the RehabGYM

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  • The StriveHub Support Team
  • The StriveHub Support Team
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